Driving Force Leaders

We appreciate everyone’s contribution to the cause whether it is small or large, however some drivers have stepped up to the plate in a big way and we want to make sure they are recognized for their efforts. Thank you for all you do and for being leaders in our cause.

Driving Force Leader 2019

Trucking for a Cure

Driving Force Leader 2018

Woodstock Convoy 2018

Driving Force Leaders 2017

Woodstock 2018 Convoy

Driving Force Leaders 2014

Lead Truck 2014
Jim Park & Joanne Ritchie

Driving Force Leaders 2012

Thank You Stephanie Schroeder – Peterbilt Ontario Truck Centres
Thank You Jim Pinder – Superior Propane

Driving Force Leaders 2011

Thank You Stephanie Schroeder -Ontario Peterbilt Truck Centres
Thank You Donna Hoogendoorn – Donna Hogendoorn Transport

Driving Force Leaders 2010

Thank You Harry Zulerons Jr.- Bigg Dog Haulage
Thank You Anne Finley-Tandet Dedicated Inc.

2 thoughts on “Driving Force Leaders

  1. I was just at the South Mountain fair talking with one of your volunteers I just like to confirm that cars are welcome in this as well I have a pretty unique vehicle I lost my life two lung cancer we both are tractor trailer drivers I think this is something that she would have really liked

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