Trucking for a Cure Online Store

We are currently getting ready for the 2013 season and have some stock left from last year. We will post  items on the website as they become available. Currently a few t-shirts are still available from last year. Please contact the organizers for information on items.

Trucking For A Cure
Trucking For A Cure

14 thoughts on “Store

    1. Hi Chris,

      Currently they only are selling them at the various shows they do. You can contact Joanne from the contact page and she can possibly send you one. Thanks for the interest.

      Bruce Outridge
      Media Consultant

  1. Hi, I’m a breast cancer survivor and my husband is a truck driver and i would love to have t-shirts for my family to wear to our local Breast cancer walk in Oct. Can you please tell me where I can buy them? We are in Alabama… Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi I bought a trucking for the cure t shirt with that logo truck on it. And I am trying to find another. I need two gray ones. One in 4x for my husband and one 2x for myself.

    Thank you
    Charlene Fox

    1. Hi Charlene,

      You can only get those at the shows they attend or the convoy. Please contact the organizer directly through an email link on the website.

      Thank you.


    1. Hi Richard,

      you would have to contact the organizer directly. You can email them through the email link on the website.

      Thank you,


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