Trucking for a Cure is back on the Road for 2022

The team at Trucking for a Cure is back on the road for 2022. Lets catch you up with where they have been.

They started at Truck World in April when the Lead Pedal Team caught up with veteran member Anne Finley about the return after a pandemic.

Anne Finley at Truck World

The Next Stop for the Team was the River City Truck Show in Grand Valley. Anne moved there for a night with her U-Haul to make money for the team along with Sandra. We helped her with some cool DriverCheck socks. It was the coldest night of the year but we still had fun.

Anne Showing off her cool socks
Team Lead Pedal with Anne at River City Truck Show-Freezing

The next stop was the 519 Loud n Proud Truck Show in Mono Ontario which was a great event. Laura, Sandra, and Anne did a great job at the booth for Trucking for a Cure and some of the Truck Pulls were dedicated to raising money for Trucking for a Cure.

Trucking for a Cure Team at 519

The next stop on the tour is Big Rig Show in St Thomas (Sparta) on August 26th-27th 2022. We will see you there!

About Trucking for a Cure

Our organization is a support group on behalf of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-Ontario, which consists of professional organizations and individuals of the transportation industry. Trucking For a Cure not only raises awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Foundation but also builds bridges between commercial drivers, the industry, the public at large, and hope to unite trucking enthusiasts behind such a meaningful cause. Learn more at

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